Other User's Data populated on form

When I visit my gift card order form on my site, I see another user’s data populated in the fields (except their credit card info, thank God) and an error message that reads:
“There was a problem with your submissions. Errors have been highlighted below.”

So my question is, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Why would the form show another user’s data on the form?

The user isn’t logged into the site. “Allow field to be populated dynamically” isn’t turned on.

You can see the offending form here: https://i-square.us/gift-cards/

Hello. I see that on your site as well (with Stacy Morse pre-populated.) Gravity Forms won’t do that on its own, so there is probably a plugin or some custom code running, or the form fields already have default values to populate them? I recommend opening a support ticket for this important issue:

Thank you Chris. I did as you suggested.