Show form fields based on previous entries - Validate

Hi, I try to find way how to make something like this, will give you scenario:

I got form which include fields:
First name*
Last name*
Phone number*
Table number
Dropdown - title: How long do you expect you will be staying with us*
options: less than half an hour
1 hour
1.5 hour
2 hours
2.5 hours
3 hours
more than 3.5 hours

customer fill this form when enter venue, and now I want to make something like that:
same customer enter venue again same day but 3.5 hours later, then form should show all fields to fill again, if this customer will open that form in time less than 3.5h I just want to show simple message with link. How to make something like this? it’s this possible with gravity forms? maybe with other add on?

how this can be validate? did gravity form can check from what device was entered before, can check and base for e.g mobile number if was filed before in less than 3.5h?

why I need this? as Covid situation, we need collect some customer data, they need first fill form and after that will be redirected to some website, but we don’t need collect their data every single time, we wan’t only collect that data when they were in venue same day in more than 3.5h. If they were in venue before in less than 3.5h they can go straight to that redirected website. Hope this make sense.

If you have a way to identify the user (will they be logged in to your site, or use the same email address, or you mentioned a mobile number) you could pull their last entry from the database, if there is an entry, and check the timestamp. If they created an entry in the past 3.5 hrs, you can give them to simple version of the form. If they did not, they get the full form.

Gravity Wiz Populate Anything can help with that:

You may also need something like this perk to use conditional logic based on the date (timestamp of their last entry):