Creating confirmation email based around conditional logic of the time and date fields

Does anyone know why when creating conditional logic the option to select a date or time field is not available to be selected??

I’ve created a form with a date and time field which is dynamically populated with todays date and current time. this all works fine. I now want to create a custom notification if the current time is Outside of Working hours. Simple you would think but I can create conditional access rules on my confirmation on pretty much any field except the date or time fields.

Any reason why this is? and a workaround? i really don’t want to be spending more money for this on a gravity wiz add on for such a small and simple feature…

any help would be much appreciated

Gravity Wiz Conditional Logic Dates is the obvious solution:

If you don’t want to use that, you could use the gform_pre_send_email filter to check the current date and time and if it’s after hours, disable one notification and not disable the other (the after hours message.) You might also be able to use the gform_notification filter to do something similar. You would need to get into it and see which method works best for you. Either filter will require some programming to check the current date/time and then send or disable the proper notification.

Thank you.

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