SendGrid Add-On

Hi all,

I’m trying to get SendGrid working on some forms. I was using an older <2.0 version of Gravity Forms when I added the Add-On. When I went to a notification and selected SendGrid, I got a popup saying I needed to Authenticate and clicked the link which took me to settings with a blank page. So then, I went and upgraded Gravity Forms to the latest version and now, I was able to select SendGrid and updated the notifications. However, the site does not appear to be using SendGrid at all as the emails do not show up in SendGrid activity and the emails still show they are sent by the webserver.

I enabled Logging for the SendGrid Add-On but there is no file created and I see nothing about SendGrid in the core log.

My domain is authenticated on SendGrid however I didn’t authenticate the individual senders the forms are using.

From what I gather from the documentation pages, I should see a SendGrid tab to enter the API Key. I don’t see that tab. Additionally, when I go to Settings → Uninstall, I don’t see the SendGrid add-on in that list, however it DOES show up in the Add-Ons section of System Status.

I’ve already deleted the add-on and re-installed / Activated it, but behavior is the same.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you have a plugin like Members or User Role Editor installed, and your role does not have the capabilities for the Gravity Forms SendGrid plugin. Are you using a plugin like Members or User Role Editor?

Might be possible, but my own role is full admin… unless for some reason that needs to be reset after ever plugin install…

Seems like there should be some sort of notification or error handling if permissions aren’t met.

Are you using one of the plugins I mentioned, or something similar? If so, check to be sure all the Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Add-Ons capabilities are assigned to you and your role as administrator. Let us know what you find out.

That was it… but I have to ask…

Why wasn’t this plugin given admin rights for my full admin user when it was installed? I’ve installed probably a dozen other add-ons and plugins and haven’t had to correct permissions on other plugins…

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