Send Grid and Gravity Forms

We have activated the Send Grid add on on our site. Do we also need to install the SendGrid plugin as well to see stats? and to know if we are over limits? Or is this enveloped into the Gravity Forms plugin?

I need to reiterate that I cannot see activity on my sendgrid account

Hi Darcie. When you install our SendGrid Add-On, you don’t need to install any other SendGrid plugins. I recommend contacting Gravity Forms support with your questions:

The SendGrid add-on doesn’t show any stats, that’s something you would need to check in your SendGrid account. If you can’t, the Gravity Forms add-on is not going to change this.

Sending limits are set by SendGrind and they apply to any email you send using your SendGrid account, therefore it would apply to emails sent using the Gravity Forms add-on too.

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