SendGrid Add-On Not Showing In Form Settings Navigation

So I have the Gravity Forms SendGrid Add-On plugin installed with a valid API key from our SendGrid account.

For some reason, the “SendGrid” navigation item is not showing up when viewing a form.

It shows up in the global GF settings (where I input my SendGrid API key and a green checkmark shows up) but it isn’t showing up when viewing an individual form.

I assume that’s where I’ll configure the form fields to associate with SendGrid contact fields so that the plug-in is actually useful.

What am I missing?

Currently have GF version 2.7.9 and the GF SendGrid Add-On version 1.5.

The SendGrid add-on only supports sending the form notification emails, so it does not include a form settings page, it uses the settings from the notification configuration page.

Understood. Thank you.

So would I use a different plugin to, let’s say, add a contact to my SendGrid account when someone fills out a contact form? Is there one you recommend?

Hi Jordan. Our SendGrid Add-On is designed to send email notification from your forms only. To add a contact to SendGrid after a form is submitted, you could use something like Zapier. Our Zapier Add-On is available with a Pro or Elite license.

If that is an option, Zapier has an article on how to do this:

(The Zapier integration with SendGrid does not have the ‘create contact’ option, but it’s still possible using the method outlined in that article.)

A plugin like Uncanny Automator may also offer a way to do this:

And with a Gravity Forms Elite license, you could use our Webhooks Add-On:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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