Save as Draft and Display on Front-end

Hi there!

We’re looking to build out a form which will have at least 200 inputs. We are trying to copy the form that is used on their old Drupal site and converting to WordPress + Gravity Forms.

Their current form is only visible to users logged in and it also has a save draft button, with the ability to edit draft and restart draft that is on the front-end for the user. I’m aware of the Save and Continue option but was wondering if it’s possible to Save as Draft instead, similar to how I explained on their current website. Is it also possible to show the entries on the front-end of the person who is logged in? Basically a portal, that contains all of their submissions which they can view at a later time and also continue drafts or restart.

To show entries on the front end, for the person who submitted them, I recommend Gravity View:

As far as “save draft”, do you mean that a partially completed form would be saved as a draft post, or an entry that could be completed later? I think the save and continue functionality comes the closest, and that would allow the user to come back and continue with a submission. However, that entry would not be displayed on the site. It’s not an actual entry until it’s finally submitted on the last page.

Gravity Forms has the ability to require that the user be logged in before seeing the form. That can be set on the Form Settings for each form, under Restrictions.

Thanks Chris!

I actually did some more research as well and I think you’re spot on with everything. Gravity View looks to be the best solution. As for Save as Draft, we basically just would like an area for the user to be able to continue their form from within the front-end rather than having them go to their email. I found this in the Gravity View documentation that could potentially act as a “draft”

This would allow the user to see their partial entry and then continue where they left off.

I appreciate the help Chris!

You’re welcome. I’ll leave this topic open in case you want to discuss anything else.