Salesforce Object not showing with Gravity+ Salesforce API [RESOLVED]

I was very easily able to connect my gravity forms to salesforce sandbox using the Gravity+ API. I am now trying to connect to my production environment and have changed the salesforce information, got everything authorized, but for some reason not all the objects are showing up when I go to select the Salesforce Object that I need to have my form information flow to. Any ideas on what may be setup wrong? THANKS!

I’ll leave this open in case anyone knows, but we don’t support the Gravity+ Salesforce plugin. If you have purchased that, you should be able to get support from the plugin author.

Thank you Chris,
You can go ahead and close it. It was on the Salesforce side. Our SI had changed the object relationships and I wasn’t aware that had happened.
Have a great day!!

Thanks for the update Jeff.