Can't view all my Salesforce Contact fields after adding new license number

I recently purchased a Pro license. I then went to Add a Salesforce feed. I selected Contact as the Salesforce Object and then tried to select Business Phone from the dropdown but Business Phone wasn’t even listed. I can see that field in Salesforce so I know it exists. I also made sure that the Salesforce Account that I created under the “Gravity Forms Salesforce Plugin Settings” was correct and was able to successfully connect to Salesforce. I am not sure why I can’t view all the fields. Any ideas?

We don’t have any integration add-on for Salesforce. Third-party add-ons are not covered by our licenses or support service. You will want to reach the author of the add-on that you’re using for assistance, I guess it’s this one: [WP Gravity Forms Salesforce] Support |

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