Salesforce + Gravity Forms Recommendation

Does anyone have a recommendation for Salesforce + Gravity Forms plugin that’s updated?
All of the plugins I founds have not been updated in 10 months+.

Please advise if anyone knows!

I replied to your other topic with the following:

This is the most up to date Salesforce integration I’m aware of for Gravity Forms:

And you could always use our Zapier add-on to connect Gravity Forms and Salesforce:

I’ll leave this open in case anyone else has a recommendation.

I can second Zapier. I’ve used the Zapier plugin with Zapier on over 100 landing page sites and it works really well. (I’ve also used Zapier for a bunch of other things, including putting lead form submissions from these sites into a central mySQL db in addition to sending the info to SF – and to hook into other CRMS).

I used the old free version of the Gravity-forms-SF plugin until they changed and went paid/

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I am curious to follow up and see if anyone has ended up using the Salesforce + Gravity Forms plugin, which took over the Katz plugin. When I researched before Zapier didn’t allow for two way communication between Salesforce and Gravity forms which was part of what we were looking for. The plugin looks promising but I’m having trouble finding any reviews or mention of it outside of their own site or their own posts on forums.