Complex issues with salesforce and woocommerce

So we’re doing a fairly complex integration between salesforce, woocommerce and gravity forms. Basically it’s registering kids for a camp that includes multiple classes and lodging. I can integrate the form into woocommerce and all of that feeds nicely into salesforce. However, I just came across a hitch. We need to be able to register multiple kids in a family. Right now the form is alongside of a shopping cart item and that’s all working fine. Even doing multiple kids with conditional logic. However, I found out that salesforce has a huge issue with doing more than one kid in a session (because they’re different contacts in salesforce). So, here’s my question, can you either do a series of forms for gravity in a chain? Or has anyone used the chained woocommerce shopping cart items to do a chain of gravity forms?

I’m afraid we don’t have any information about that in Gravity Forms. I’ll leave this open in case someone else has advice to offer.

What Salesforce + Gravity plugin do you use?
I haven’t had luck found any that seem up-to-date.

Let me know!

This is the most up to date Salesforce integration I’m aware of for Gravity Forms:

And you could always use our Zapier add-on to connect Gravity Forms and Salesforce: