Gravity forms to salesforce - populate account id on form for existing record

We are using gravity forms with the GravityPlus connector to Salesforce. For new customers, this is working perfectly. For returning customers I cannot figure out how to get the account ID from the salesforce record to populate onto the form submission and case to then have the new information process into salesforce attached to the appropriate account. we are using person account.

So for example, all made up Mary Smith DOB 1/1/1901 is an existing customer so I need gravity forms to find her in salesforce then pull back the Account__C or Account__c1 and then populate that field on the gravity form so when the next salesforce feeds run it is on those feeds.

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This is a good question. I would also like to know is there any way that we can send data from Salesforce to Gravity Form, to see if there is for example account that we are submitting already exist so we can display message on lead page.