Native Salesforce web-to-lead integration in Gravity Forms

Hi everyone,

I am trying to link GF to Salesforce via native integration which is available in GF. I know it can work as we have a web-to-case set up that way and it’s working fine: user fills in info in GF and it goes to Salesforce as a case. I want to do the same for the lead.

I’ve set up a new feed for web-to-lead and chose Salesforce object from a dropdown - web-to-lead. For some reason, it’s not going through to salesforce when I test it and I get a “Nothing posted to Salesforce” message in GF. Could it be because I’m using Salesforce Custom Fields? Previously, we were able to use custom fields with a basic GF subscription.

Is there anywhere a tutorial or aguide on this? The only thing I can find is Zappier-like or Gravity Forms Salesforce Plugin. I want to do it natively with the tools available in GF.


Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any native integration for Salesforce, if you have that configured it’s using a third-party add-on, so I would recommend you to reach the author of the add-on that you’re using for the Salesforce integration.

If you own an Elite license, you could also consider using our Zapier add-on to integrate Gravity Forms and Salesforce using this Zap:

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