Salesforce Integration - Custom Web Point

Hey all.

I’ve used the standard API to connect GF to my clients Salesforce, however they requested not to use the standard API and have provided their own web service endpoint, with a client key and secret, then the url to make a post request etc, and URL to enter the Salesforce lead.

Is this something GF can do or is it fully custom? I’ve only used the Standard API so any advice, greatful!! Thanks

Hello Ged, if you have a Gravity Forms Elite license, you can use the Webhooks Add-On for that:

Thanks Chris.

Are you available to chat briefly?

Chris, not sure this is what I needed. Are you available for a quick chat?

Hi Ged. We don’t offer live chat. If you explain here what you’re looking for, either myself or one of the community members who is familiar with Salesforce can chime in. Thank you.