Integration with LeadDocket Endpoint [RESOLVED]

I’m not well versed on many integrations with Gravity Forms, but I’ve been asked to integrate a LeadDocket Endpoint via a webhook provided by LeadDocket. Anyone have any experience in doing this?

I don’t have any experience with that, but if you have an Elite or Nonprofit license, you can use the Webhooks Add-On to integrate with LeadDocket Endpoint via a webhook:

Yes, I do have an Elite, so I’ll give the Add-On a try and see if that works.

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Hello, Chris, and thank you for the suggestion.

I have already tried the Webhook add-on but there doesn’t seem to be any fields populating on LeadDocket’s side. It would be helpful if I can be given some direction with the use of GF.

Hi Heather. If you enable Gravity Forms logging for the Webhooks Add-On you will see what happens when the request is sent to LeadDocket:

After working with someone on this, the issue was the “Key” area of the Webhood Add-On. You can’t use GF’s keys. You have to use the actual keys supplied by LeadDocket and then match those keys with the GF form label/values.

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