Gravity Forms to CRM Solution

Hi all, I’m looking for a simple and cost effective solution to collate leads from Gravity Forms and Facebook Ads into one simple CRM, we’ve looked at Salesforce, Zoho, Zapier, VTiger but wondered if anyone had any suggestions…


Have you looked into HubSpot?

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I’m looking to do the same thing, with little to no cost. Looked at HubSpot but free is very limited and any subscription upgrades are beyond budget.

Would like to see if anyone else has any suggestions. Also would like to hear from Gravity about who they feel best integrates.


Hi all, we’ve still not finalised a solution for this but are tending to lean towards Salesforce/Zapier integration.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with this or would they have any specific recommendations?

I’ve tried HubSput and while I did like how it looks, I wasn’t really a fan of how adding functionality would mean a cost of around $50 a month or a lot more if you’d want to have more functionality for both Sales & Marketing.

Tried AgileCRM too, but wasn’t a fan of their automatic calling & mailing after signing up to test stuff (seriously felt like stalking).

I’ve been looking into using Asana as a CRM, since I love how it looks, but haven’t found the kind of setup in there that felt right / logical.

Have been using CapsuleCRM for a few years now. While there are a few UI things I’d rather see differently (minor things though), I keep coming back to it. Have been using the free version for a long time, but am on a paid plan since a few months and it’s much more affordable than a paid version of HubSpot :wink:

Oh I have looked at Pipedrive too, but it felt too pushy in adding mail in there too. With Capsule I could just add the add-on in gsuite / gmail & from there I can just add convo’s to contacts in Capsule, etc. :slight_smile:

Btw, there’s an official Capsule CRM Add-On available for GF, which works like charm.

I believe I’ve looked into Salesforce too, but I believe they had the same kind of approach as AgileCRM, which makes it an automatic no-go for me.


I use Zoho and it works well. Lots of add ons, and custom options.

I’ve used a Zapier/Salesforce set-up on a bunch of landing page sites and it works really well. If you have a single landing page it’s quite simple to set up. If you have multiple pages on the site you may need to set up a global variable to grab the FB lead code and pass it along to the other pages using URL parameters so it’s available when the user finally submits their form.

If I’m understanding what you want to do.

Mad Dog

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Hi Mad Dog, I too am contemplating a similar set up - Gravity Forms to Zapier to Salesforce

It’s only going to handle small volumes but we just need to make sure that they are all being actioned, sometimes relying on a Gravity Forms to email inbox workflow can leave us in a position whereby some leads go missing, either by mail server spam filters or other variables beyond our control.

Anyone else got experience with a GF - Zapier - Salesforce workflow, what sort of subscription costs are involved for under 1000 enquiries a month, maybe less.


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@mattemkadia - I believe you can get a 1,000 zaps-per-month account for $20 a month ( Check their pricing. Once it’s set up and working it’s very reliable. If a Zap fails you’ll get a notice, otherwise they go through (unlike email).

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