Gravity Forms + HubSpot + 3rd Party External CRM

Good afternoon,

We are interested in the idea of using the Gravity Forms integration through HubSpot. Quick question pertaining to the lead input interaction between Gravity Forms/HubSpot, would it be possible for this integration to pass the form data into our platform (ByBetter CRM). They also have a pre-existing Gravity Form integration on their end.

Ideally, the form would be submitted on one of our landing pages, then the integration would pass the data from the form through to Hubspot, as well as our external CRM, ByBetter. Is this possible?

Thank you for the clarification.

Hi Jonathan. You can use the HubSpot Add-On and also whatever integration ByBetter CRM has at the same time. Have you tried that? Multiple feeds can be processed when the form is submitted, so you should be able to send the data to both places when the form is submitted.

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