Reusing Contact Us Email Form for Different "Send To" Emails [RESOLVED]

I would like to reuse the “contact us” email form on my site so that the “Send To” email can be changed depending on who the email is for.

For example, if I create an “email Michelle”, “email Burt”, or “email Mike” hyperlink, each respective link should take the site visitor to the “contact us” form and once submitted, the email will be sent to Michelle, Burt, or Mike. (Ideally, the “Send to” email would actually be those user’s profile email addresses, but manually entering the email addresses is good enough for now.)

Is it possible to essentially pass variables or query string parameters into the “contact us” form from another page so that the form can figure-out who to send the email to?

Answering my own question :nerd_face:

I put a hidden field on the form, enabled the “Allow field to be populated dynamically” check box, and the field to a query string parameter. In the form’s Notifications settings, I selected the “Configure Routing” option for “Send To” and started adding routing options based on the hidden field value.

For now, this will work for my needs. Thanks me.

Good deal. Thanks for the update Todd.