Dynamic Email Recipient


I have a custom field with an email address which I’m trying to use as the form recipient. I’ve tried passing the value as a shortcode parameter into a hidden field but then am unable to use that hidden field when selecting the “Select a Field” option.

How can I dynamically set the form recipient using a custom field?

How are you adding the parameter? Parameters are sent via query string. And should be populated in the advanced tab using the name of the parameter only and not in a standard Wordpress [shortcode] format.

If the parameter name is email={emailaddress} all you need to do is add the word email by itself inside the advanced tab to dynamically populate the field.

Additionally, you should try and populate the parameter in an actual email field so that you can setup the notification configurations to use the email field as the send to address.


If you’re to set the Field type of the Custom field to Email, you should be able to select that field within the Notification “Send a Field” option.


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