User email field issue [RESOLVED]

Hi everyone

I need help with a problem.

I have a registration form which has an email address which once entered becomes the user email address.

On a different form I’m using Populate Anything to pull in the User Email - and with the filter seems to be working.

However, when I use the Email field in the SendTo area of notifications - the email never sends - any thoughts?

This is a more explantory breakdown:

When a client registers an account it is a different form and the email field ID is 3.

When a new case is added or updated there is a hidden email field which I want to populate with the email address that has been used on the other form - which appears in the User admin section as User Email.

You can see in this video that I have a hidden email field called Client Email Test, which I’m using in the SendTo area of the Adviser notification.

Admin notification is set to my own email address which is why the notification comes through, however on my test email address nothing ever comes through.

I need to be able to send the notification to the relevant client who is logged in as that user - and the email address from the user email field when they register.

Any thoughts as how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

You should use the currently logged in users email custom meta to dynamically populate the field.

Currently logged in user meta

We’ve been able to assist Mark to resolve the issue. The Email Address field was returning the wrong Email Address because the Populate Anything filter set up was incorrect. Adding an additional filter to get the ID of the currently logged-in user and returning the Email Address of that user resolved the issue and notifications were being sent correctly.


That’s what I figured. Glad it’s worked out.

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