How to use form's location for custom routing

I built a form which is embeded in several pages.
I would like the notifications to be sent to different recipients, depending on the page on which the form is sent.
Can I use a variable to trigger the page from which the form is sent for conditional routing?


Yep! Add a hidden field to your form. Set the default value for the hidden field to be the “Embed URL”. Then you can configure the routing based on that URL. Let me know if you need more detailed instructions!

Hi @Morgan_Kay, thanks for the tip!
I will to try that.
Yet, I have another question. I already take advantage of advanced routing, and have many rules in place: 1 specific routing per condition, even though the routing of most of them is exactly the same.
Therefore, I wonder if there’s a syntax for “or”.
To say: route these forms to list of recipients if equals en or es or fr or itor de …

It’d be much easier to maintain, rather that editing the recipients for ear row.


There isn’t a way to do that currently, but I am sure you are not the only person who would find this useful. You can suggest this feature on our roadmap: and we will consider adding it in the future!

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