(Required) - no spacing to label on certain fields in Safari [RESOLVED]

I am using the Orbital Template. On my site I noticed that the “(Required)” is immediately adjacent to the field labels on specific fields, when viewed in Safari. On my form it happens on the “Name”, “Check Box” & “Radio Button” field types. Looks fine on regular “Text Box” & “Drop Down” fields.

All Ok when viewing in Chrome.

Hi Todd,

Could you please share your exact webpage URL so I can further investigate to resolve the issue?

Hi Todd,

I cannot reproduce the problem on my Safari browser. Kindly review the screenshot provided below and inform me if there is anything I might have overlooked.

You are correct. I realized that I was on an older version of Mac OS (Monterey) & Safari. I upgraded today for a different reason and now see that it all appears fine. Thanks for help on this one.

You’re welcome.

Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved.