Radio Button - Other Choice. Required Field Issue

So when using the Orbital Template and adding a radio button field with the " Use Other" option, it seems to solve the one issue where the text box would also show “Other” inside along with “Other” as the label for the radio button. Thus, now shows this:

However, if the radio button field is a required field and if you “submit” without putting anything in the box, the field then gets populated with the word “Other”. See attached.

As before, it is not placeholder text. if you then click in the text box, you have to select and delete out the text. The Text box should be blank on validation just like on form creation. I tested both Ajax on/off as well. NOTE: There are also issues in general with the way this “Other” radio option works with conditional logic in your forms. Posting that in another thread.

I also looked through other threads where it was suggested to use the gform_other_choice_value in functions.php and put nothing in the single quoted for the text. However, this does not work, since this removes the label from BOTH the radio button AND the text box. Thus it is all blank. See pic:

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 1.49.14 PM

This option could have worked if… the function also set placeholder text in the field (i.e. disappears when clicked).

From a usability standpoint, ideally the radio button for the “Other” Option, should ALWAYS be presented as it shows, in the pic below. This is how it is depicted in the field setup screen for Radio Buttons after you click the “Add Choices” button and check the “Enable Other Choice”

However, as noted above, that text should be a “Placeholder” type so it styles like a placeholder in CSS (Not field Text) and thus disappears when you click on the field to make an entry.

Hi Todd. The product team confirmed that this is an issue. I recommend opening a support ticket so your information can be added to the issue, and you can be notified when there is a resolution:

Thank you.


I’d love to but the web development co that created our site is the purchaser of the elite license.

We have an issue open, and when there is a resolution, I will post it here. Thank you.

Hi Todd. There was a fix implemented in Gravity Forms 2.8.9. Can you update to that version and post here if it does not resolve all your issues? Thank you.

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