Radio Buttons + Use Other = Conditional Logic Issue (Plus Error Validation Issue)

On my form I use conditional logic to hide the submit button and well as show additional fields as certain fields are filled out. One of the fields happens to be a Radio Button field using the Use Other" option.

Thus, the balance of the fields are not visible unless you pick a Radio Option.

BUT… conditional logic doesn’t work properly with “Other Field”. If you click the “Other” radio button AND never fill out the text box, this satisfies the rule → “Field Label IS NOT empty”.

This is wrong. You should not pass validation unless the text box ALSO has a value.

The issue is further exacerbated and has different issues whether this Radio button field set as “Required” or not. Lets take them 1 by 1

  1. Radio Button Field is Required - As you continue, you are presented the balance of the fields and submit button, since (as stated above) just clicking the "Othe"r radio button was enough to satisfy the condition logic. But… when you then click the button to submit the form, the error validation fails for the Radio Button field, since the text box is blank. Now the error validation removes the Radio Button selection. This causes the conditional logic to jump back to this step, as if the user never selected the button at all and all the fields after this are wiped out and hidden. All would be prevented if conditional logic for “Field Label IS NOT empty” incorporates that the text box for the “Other” option is not blank. NOTE: When using the “Other”, you MUST make this a required field in order to avoid the issues with failed submissions otherwise. See #2 below.

  2. Radio Button Field is not Required - If you don’t currently make this a required field and attempt to then submit by choosing the “Other” radio button and the text box is empty, the response depends on whether you have Ajax on/off. AJAX ON - submission just hangs and have a spinning circle next to the button forever. If AJAX OFF - The form will attempt to submit. But, like in #1 above, if Required was set, this rolls back, since the submission fails anyway. So, it seems that on submit, it must check that the text box has an entry. Thus, does the same as in #1 and removes the selected radio button for “Other” and then rolls the logic back and hides the additional fields, Thus, . wiping away all the data entered after this point.

Anyone else find a work around?


Why is this not a bug?

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