Customizing "other" choice [RESOLVED]


I have a group of radio buttons where i’ve enabled the “other” choice and i’m having a hard time figuring out how to get the “other” choice to fit my needs.

I have the design figured out, and i looks like this:

What’s missing is that i need to:

  • Change the type of the input field from text to number so that it’ll only accept numbers (this is for currency)
  • Remove the disabled="disabled" attribute from the input so that you can always write in the field without having to check the actual radio button (which is hiddden)
  • Set the placeholder attribute. Right now the “other”-text is set as the value which the field doesn’t like when type is set to number.

How would i go about doing this? Is it even possible? Am i looking at this the wrong way?

For anyone who might be in the same situation, i solved it using the Gravity Forms Custom Javascript and then just added some simple JavaScript to fix the fields:

const customAmountField = document.querySelector('#field_GFFORMID_1 .gchoice_other_control');

customAmountField.type = 'number';
customAmountField.placeholder = 'Placeholder here..';
customAmountField.disabled = false;

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FYI, if you would like to run this server-side, you can hook to the filter gform_field_content to run some string replacement for the various attributes of the input.