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Hi, I’m using Gravity Forms and User Registration add-on for BuddyPress registrations but want to use BuddyPress’s own “User Activation” page rather than the one Gravity Forms adds under the Users menu.

Is it possible (easy) to remove the Gravity Forms “Pending Activations” link found here /wp-admin/users.php?page=gf-pending-activations


Removing that is not a feature. Also it is not recommended to use a third-party activation page to active users registered by Gravity Forms, as that could prevent additional actions done by the add-on from running.

Hi Samuel, thanks for your message.

Sorry I am not sure I have explained the problem — see screenshot below which shows the two menu links!

When using BuddyPress it adds Manage Pending memberships, Gravity Forms User Registration also adds Pending Activations.

I don’t need both as I know it will cause confusion with our member moderator(s).

Also, the Gravity Form option only has Activate, View Entry and Delete which I could still access via the main Gravity Form menu, but BuddyPress has Activate, Approve Request, Delete, View Profile — I want to use Approve Request as it sends the user a BuddyPress activation email with a link which they have to click to activate their account - this is a good way to filter spam sign-ups and I am also assigning the user to a BuddyPress member type upon activation.

To confirm what I would ideally like to do is remove or hide the Pending Activations link that GF adds.


Hi Samuel, not sure if you saw my reply? Just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions for removing the menu link?

You have explained it very well the first time, and my reply was accurate to what you are asking.

Removing that from the Users menu is not a feature and is not recommended to activate users that were registered using Gravity Forms via the activations page of a different plugin, like BuddyPress. Doing so can cause you issues. In other words, if you use something to register the user, you should use the same thing to activate it. I think it makes sense.

So if you want to remove one of the options your best bet is removing the one for BuddyPress.

In any case, both submenus are added using the WordPress core function add_submenu_page so you can remove any of them them using this WordPress function: remove_submenu_page() – Function |

Thank you for clarification - after lots of testing I cannot find any issues using the “Approve Request” in the BuddyPress menu so I will look at unhooking the GF menu.

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Something to consider when activating the user through BuddyPress is that the Gravity Forms User Registration feed won’t be processed, so any mapped field values won’t be added to the user meta.

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Thanks Richard, but seems to all work as expected for how I’m using it :+1:

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