Registration form is sending out multiple duplicate messages since new plugin update

Hi my client is having issues with their multiple gravity forms they use for registration of events. The client mentioned they hadn’t had this issue prior to the last upgrade to the plugin.

This is the message from the client:
I have started testing and yes this also is happening with all other cities on the form.
I’ve received multiple emails displaying the same confirmation email.
Also, when I went to complete the form it mentioned my email is already registered. So I sent to a different email. Another message appeared on the form was when I entered my name as in First and Surname for the second time I received a message “this user already exists” on the form which meant I needed to create a new name. This hasn’t happened before.

So can anyone assist me with this issue?

Thanks in advance.

I recommend opening a support ticket for this. But, if you want to get started looking at this, enable logging and test the form. Check the log to see how many emails are being sent by Gravity Forms, and compare that to the number of emails you receive.

Thank you Chris.