ReCaptcha not showing after upgrade [RESOLVED]

reCaptcha is all of sudden gone from the website. I can see it in the form designer view but on the website all i see is the work Captcha. Anyone has any idea where to look?

Can you share the URL to the page on your site where we can see the form? Normally it’s a JavaScript error that causes the issue, but if you share the URL we can take a look.

Thank you Chris. Yes you were correct. It was due to the scripts.

Here is what I did, for anyone else who may have the same problem:

The problem:
The Captcha was appearing correctly within the gravity forms designer view. But when looking at the form on the webpage, the captcha would not appear.


  1. I activated a different theme (a theme I had not modified or touched) and viola, the captcha was showing.
    So at this point I knew there was something missing from the theme I was using previously.

  2. I used Chrome Browser’s Dev Tools “Inspect Element > Sources” and I compared the files and scripts that were loaded between the two themes

  3. I noticed one Java Script was missing at the end of the page

  4. I looked at the Footer.php and realized WP_Footer() function was commented out. I added this back and my issue was resolved

Your issue may not be WP_Footer function, but it may be due to some script or file not loading. So I suggest activating a different theme and comparing it with the theme that you intend to use

Hope this makes sense

I have not seen the missing WP Footer call in a long time. Good reminder to check for that.