Google Recaptcha don't display since last update


I’m getting trouble since the last GF plugin update !
The captcha form not showing up if you are using GF Pages.

If the Google captcha V2 is on the first page, it show !
If the Google captcha V2 is on a other page than the first one, it fail !

I got no JS error, and to afirm that, i create two simple test page.

Sucess : TEST PAGE – ASI – Amazone Services Informatiques
Fail : TEST-PAGE-KO – ASI – Amazone Services Informatiques

It’s the same page, with same content, same configuration ! Nothing change except the captcha is placed on the last page in the second example.

I got 40 website impacted, beacause i use captcha on the last page of each of theses website :

The problem occur since a recently update. Maybe the last one or just previously.
Because all my website using for instance GF with the same page method work corretly.

Can you please find a way other than edit all website as soon as possible. !

Best regards.


We are just troubleshooting this same issue. If you login to Gravity Forms and download their release (which isn’t an auto-update prompt yet) that seemed to fix it for us.

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Yes! this trick works !
But in fact, I’m in the obligation to do that on each of theses 40 websites.
Damn !

Thank you for your help.

Annoying, but glad there’s a fix.

Use InifniteWP to manage multiple websites (self hosted) and use the plugin installer to install on all your sites at once :smile: