Question About Refining Notifications with Conditional Logic [RESOLVED]

I have a complicated form for course registrations.

It allows students to register for more than one class at a time. I’ve created notification for an instructor that sends them an email based if one of their courses is selected. I use a checkbox field that lists all available courses 9which then shows the purchase field for any selected courses – necessary since the courses have two levels of pricing). Right now I use the checkbox field values to trigger the instructor emails.

My issue is that in the email notifications it lists every course that the student selected… So when a student registers for courses A, B, and C, teacher A gets an email that lists courses A, B, and C which confuses them since they only teach course A.

I think what I am asking is: is there is a way to filter the selections made in a check list field so that only specific ones are included in a notification email?


There’s no way to do that out of the box. From your description I’m assuming you’re using the {all_fields} merge tag for all your notifications, right?
If so, maybe the easiest way (without having to code) would be to stop using the merge tag and instead compose your own custom content for each notification using HTML tags and individual field merge tags. There’s a documentation page on how to start with this here: Creating Customized Form Notification Emails - Gravity Forms

This would allow you to personalize the content for each notification, and in regards to the checkbox field you could add only the individual choice merge tag. Example:

This is your course: {Checkbox (First Choice):1.1}

I hope that helps!

Thanks! I appreciate your quick reply. I figured I could create an email for each course and its instructor. I was hoping for a way to do it once and be done.

But again, thanks. Sometimes it’s as good to know that something can’t be done as it is to know it can be.

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