Conditional notifications based on product field selection

Is it possible to create conditional notifications based on which products were selected from an order form?

My client wants to create an order form for people to sign up to his online quizzes, which he hosts via a Zoom meeting. He wants one form which lists all of his upcoming quizzes, with a quantity field for people to select how many tickets they wish to buy. The Zoom meeting ID stays the same each time, but the password for each quiz is different.

I’m trying to create a conditional client notification that sends the customer the password for each event they have bought a ticket for. I’m setting up each quiz as their own product field, using the quantity field for number of tickets, but there isn’t an option in the notifications section to filter this by product selected.

Any ideas? Thanks.

The product fields are not available for conditional logic. I think you will need to come up with another approach. Can you use regular fields for the course choices, so that you can base conditional logic on them, and then conditionally show a “Course Fee” product or something like that, so they can be charged for the course?