Printing HTML Blocks?

I have a simple HTML block that has some important legal information on it when someone is filling out the Gravity Form. I would like this information to show on printout as well but it does not.

Is there an easy fix for this? Can I add some CSS code to stylesheet with @media print to help with this?

I would also love to show a logo image on the PDF printout as well if possible.

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi Stu. Are you trying to get that HTML field content and a logo on a PDF that is created by Gravity PDF after the form is submitted?

Hi Chris-
Yes, our we have some HTML field content that we want to show on the PDF when we print from the “Entries” screen of GF.

Our general process is that we have students fill out an enrollment form with basic info, our admin team comes in to the Entries page for that student and adds some more relevant info in the hidden or administrative fields, then we have to print all of that as a PDF and keep on file as their “enrollment agreement” for State legal purposes.

On the form, there is an HTML block that has simple text that complies with some of the legal requirements. This enrollment agreement is supposed to include an image which I was hoping I could pull from the WP media library too. See screen shot if helpful.

If printing an HTML field block is not possible, the other option we were considering is just to use text field with the placeholder content and make sure it always shows when printed. This didn’t seem to work either.

Thanks for the help!

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