Preserve the sequence of user's input in multi select?

Is there any plugin or snippet that support this function:
I want to save the sequence of user’s selection in multi select, for example: The multi-select field contains 3 choices A, B and C, the user selected in this order: C>B>A, and the value will save this string as (C,B,A) instead of default order (A,B,C). Does anyone know how to do this?

I think this feature is useful when we are conducting a survey to ask about user’s preferences and priority over a topic.

Hi Michael. There’s no way I know of to preserve that information in a multi-select field.

If you have an Elite license, you can use our Survey Add-On which has a rank field which could be used for this.

Or, what I have done in the past is create three identical drop downs, and label them “First Choice”, “Second Choice”, “Third Choice”. That way, they can select C for First Choice, B for Second Choice, A for Third Choice. Will that option work for you?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the tips, I think a better solution is to use the list field dropdown + chained selections. But it’s a pity that Gravity Forms doesn’t provide a sequence option to save values.

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