Drag & Drop on Multi Select Boxes With Enhanced User Interface

Hi There!

I’m using a multi select field within a form of mine that I’m relatively happy with. The issue I’m wanting is some sort of drag & drop on that field so the multi select order is preserved. I’m using the enhanced layout to begin with.

For context, I’m wanting people to select the industries they work in, but to order them, even after saving they’re being arranged in numerical order.

Is this possible or will I have to find another alternative? Thanks!

The multi select field doesn’t support the use case described, you may try using a Survey field set to Rank type. You need to install the Survey add-on first to be able to use this field type.

Hi Samuel,

I’m afraid that solution won’t work.

The issue is with the rank type you can only rank them. I need to be able to select AND rank.

So for example, if we have “Legal”, “Medical”, “IT”, “Entertainment” and “Public Sector” as industries, somebody who specialises in Public Sector and IT, but does a bit of Medical work would select “Public Sector”, “IT”, “Medical” in that order, leaving Legal & Entertainment unselected.

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