GFFeedAddon and multiple select

Hi everyone,

I started with a clone of - GitHub - gravityforms/simplefeedaddon: A simple feed-based add-on - and added a basic multiple select field. This gives me a multiple select field in my feed settings, however, this field will not save multiple selections. It will only ever save a single selection regardless of how many the user selects.

It also throws an error on save:

PHP Warning:  count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/includes/settings/fields/class-select.php on line 263

Code for my multi select field:

	'label'   => esc_html__( 'Multi Select', 'simplefeedaddon' ),
	'type'    => 'select',
	'multiple' => true,
	'name'    => 'abc',
	'choices' => [
			'label' => 'a',
			'value' => 'a'
			'label' => 'b',
			'value' => 'b'
			'label' => 'c',
			'value' => 'c'

No other code was changed from the simplefeedaddon repo.

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