Populating Post Creation Add-On with data from a Woocommerce Order


Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I’ve had a good look around in the documentation on gravity and gravity wiz. ) I’m using elite gravity license and gravity wiz (with populate anything on)

In short, I’m trying to get certain user inputs on a product selections form and certain order details to display in a newly created post.

I’ve produced a gravity form which a user fills in data on a Woocommerce product page (using Gravity Forms Product Add-ons). This form has a Post Creation Feed attached to it which creates a post when the order is completed.

I’m looking to populate this post with certain information from the order, such as order number of instance. The post will only populate with data from the form itself so far…

I can’t seem to find a way populate the post with the order data, is there a way to merge the data into the form on completion or another work around to get the right order data into the post.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.