Populate Anything not filling

I have a field where a user enters a City and State; this is then linked to a different Gravity Table where the “City, State” is used to pre-fill the “Metro” area if the city and state matches. I.e. You fill in Dallas, Texas, or Fort Worth, Texas and the metro area pre-fills with Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas. This is used on a later section to display an appropriate sub-form Metro Meals or Non-Metro Meals (for example). The expense values are different thus the different workflow.

This logic worked for over two years and something changed last week or two. It’s possible a plugin pdate changed this but I cannot seem to correct it.

The field on the form just seems to pulse in size and never fills. Other fields using Populate Anything are working. I can get it to fill only when I set the value manually.

Any suggestions?

Hi @cazarininteractive - have you already checked with Gravity Wiz support? They should be able to help with this. While they do check these forums occasionally, they are not support forums, and with your Gravity Perks license, you have access to their awesome support:


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