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Hello! Very beginner level Gravity Forms user here - hoping to get a somewhat simple answer to my question.

I’m building a form on which users will enter their addresses. I have a custom State/Territory dropdown field that includes 57 U.S. States, Territories, and Military Bases as options for the user’s address. In my organization, we have these states/territories/bases divided up into 3 regions - North, South, and West. I’m hoping to configure the form so that the users’ choice from the custom State/Territory address field populates the hidden “Region” radio button field for internal purposes. I have the “Populate Anything” gravity perks add-on, but struggling to understand how to make that work for what I’m trying to do.

Any guidance appreciated - thank you!

Hi there,

This tutorial should do the trick. Basically, you’ll create a mapping form to store all of your possible choice combinations as Gravity Forms entries. You’ll then use Populate Anything to automatically make a choice in the hidden radio button field based on the selected state/territory/base.

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