Select Radio option based on a different radio option selection

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to make a selection based on another selection on the same form.
I have one dropdown with Clinic Locations - Orlando FL, Melbourne FL, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Miami FL. And I would like a different hidden field called Region - South FL, Central FL.
So, when the Clinic Location is selected “Orlando FL” it will auto select “Central FL” for Region.
Is this possible? Thanks - Dan

Bump. Anybody there?

Hi Dan,

Since the Hidden Region field will have different values from the Clinic Location field, a solution that would work will involve using GP Populate Anything and a helper form. The Helper form will have as entries the different Clinic Locations and Regions. This will then be used to dynamically populate the value of the Hidden Region field, using a filter to match the selected Clinic Location and returning the Region.

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Here is a tutorial with a similar setup.

I have were in your situation, I would a custom field/taxonomy for the Regions, so it would be enough to select the Clinic. What use do you do then with the Region data?

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