Display location information based on chained selects choice

I have a custom post type with around 100 entries of office locations. I set up a chained select to narrow down the choices that match those locations by county. My question is, based on the user’s selection, can I dynamically populate a radio button field with information from the locations that match so they can choose the location that suits them best? i.e. Physical address and website info so they can choose which?

Gravity Forms Populate Anything is the best way to create dynamically populated chained selects.

Let’s say you load up each location as a custom post type or as a custom table in your WordPress database. You could then populate any data from those locations into Drop Down fields on the form and configure subsequent Drop Down fields to be filtered by the previous selections. You could then populate any data you need from the selected location into a Radio Button field (or any other field type for that matter).

Let me know if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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