Dynamically populate a field that depends on another

When someone select a COUNTRY I would like to fill another list type field. For example, if he chose Mexico, I would like to offer the mailing lists of that country in another list field. I can not find how I can be called when the focus of the country field is lost when its value changes. I get the mailing lists by a https call. The values are not fixed so I can not define a series of conditional hidden fields for each country.
Is possible?

I believe the Chained Selects (Elite Add-On) fits your needs :slight_smile:

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Thank you. This is probably the solution with the use of the filter gform_chained_selects_input_choices

I found this example that corresponds roughly to what I want to do.

Chained Selects is a great choice! If you’re looking for something with even more flexibility, check out Gravity Forms Populate Anything.


Oooh, that looks great too! :smiley:

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I solved my problem with GF Chained Selects add-on. Now, how can I change Parents and Children with something like :
Select your country
Select your region
I don’t use CSV, I fill up my field with Query Strings
Thank you!