List Field - jQuery (PART 2: Chaining)

Sooooo, now that I have been able to solve populating one row at a time. I am moving on to the next part, and the real reason behind this beast… Dynamic Population a List Field in a chain select.

Yes David, I’ve looked at your snippet on Gravity Wiz, but haven’t gotten it to fire. Also I’d really like it if it auto updated from the database, and I REALLY think it can! I get this mislead dream from this awesome web demo:

Now that I can get a list field to auto populate using:

$(this).closest("tr").find(".gfield_list_1_cell5 input").val( str );

I feel that IF I can get get my function Feature_column in there… I might have a chance:

add_filter( 'gform_column_input_42_1_4', 'feature_column', 10, 5 );
function feature_column( $input_info, $field, $column, $value, $form_id )

Any thoughts, ideas, advice?

Are you referring to this snippet?

If so, this video that I originally created for the user who commissioned this snippet might be helpful:

With that said, it will not populate from the database dynamically. It certainly could be extended to do so but it would be beyond the scope of something I could provide instruction on how to implement.

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Thanks David! I’ll take a look at it.