Perpetual living document style form?

Hey all,

Decided on using gravity because of its great pdf capabilities.

Essentially we have a form that we need end users to view and modify if they see fit (we provide default data with the ability to edit this default data). We need the user to be able to come back at any stage and ammend this data so that the form is a living document of sorts. The othet critical thing we need is for the users to be able to create a pdf each time these changes are saved.

Ive got gravity views but the table view is really sucky for us as some of our fields are thousands of words long so a table doesnt cut it…

Ive looked at save and continue style functions but sending an email link etc is clunky for us. We need them to remain on the website!

Thanks in advance.

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This would be an excellent scenario for a combination of a Gravity Flow User Input step along with the PDF Generator step.

The User Input step does have an option to save progress (save entry vs submit to complete the step), but you would not be able to trigger the PDF step when saving progress only. Instead, you might add a field to your form with administrative visibility and editable on the User Input step. That way, asking the user ‘Are you done with all your edits?’ can let the the PDF step can conditionally define whether to return to user input step or mark the workflow complete.