Creating a document repository using Gravity and WPDataTables

I am using Gravity Forms with WPDataTables to have users complete checklists that are then displayed in a table. As part of the checklist they upload a pdf of a legal document that is the subject of the checklist. Following the completion of the checklist there may be resolution actions that will require users to obtain changes to the agreement and seek addendum(s). The add-on for Gravity integration with WPDatatables works well. However I need users to be able to edit their checklist entries and add additional addendum pdf documents later. The edit function in the add-on works but there is a glitch in that the link to the original pdf file upload is lost if an entry is edited. I have managed to get around this by using a snippet of PHP to define the location of the original pdf file upload and place it in a specific named folder for the entry. I’ve then used Populate Anything to create a link button to the file so that users can click through to the pdf from the WPDataTable. I am now trying to find a way for users to be able to load up additional documents into a selected entry folder by clicking a new link in the WPDatatable. Thereafter, I will need to find a way for users to be able to click through from the entry in the WPDataTable snd to then be able to select and view the original/ addendum pdf docs. Anyone have any ideas of plugins and or snippets that could help with this please?

Depending on how you

Assuming a model where subsequent documents could be sent via a separate form is one that fits/consider-able, there is a lot within Gravity Flow and its’ extensions that could help your use case.

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