Can Gravity Forms do this

I’m building a website to allow people to carry out probate themselves.

I have created a form which collects the details of the deceased and creates a PDF letter that can be used by the customer to get GDPR permissions to register the death.

This is in the first steps section.

As the customer progresses through the process, there will be more letters to create using the deceased’s details.

Can I pull in the previously entered data rather than the customer have to fill it in again?

It’s a membership site, and I’m using Paid Membership Pro, but I’m not in so deep, that I cannot change this.

I believe you’re in need of The Gravity Forms Easy Passthrough plugin.

Hi Kevin,

The idea of a multi-step form process is exactly what Gravity Flow was provided to power up your Gravity Forms with. From creating a user input step with ability to define fields as display or editable to having approval steps for staff or customers to approve/reject the entry through its’ workflow you can effectively create workflow branches (conditional logic for steps very similar to how you might already use conditional logic for field display).

If you’ve already built the PDF process (with Gravity PDF perhaps), those can be integrated into notification steps before/after any other steps in your workflow. As could ones you might create with our PDF Generator extension.


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