Paypal checkout won't save paypal connection

Hello, I have GF 2.8.7 and GF Paypal Checkout Add-on 3.1.0. WP 6.4.3. Trying to configure my paypal connection but it won’t save it. I click to configure Paypal Checkout settings, choose Live and click the Connect with Paypal button. It logs into my paypal account, it says my account is now connected. I click Return To GravityForms and get the old signup screen to choose Live/Sandbox and the Connect with Paypal button all over again. Reload browser, no paypal information has been saved. Logged out of WP and back in, went through connection setup again, still won’t save it. Switched to 2024 theme, now when it returns me to GravityForms the browser hangs with the spinning/loading tab icon. Stop/reload the browser, back to the Connect with Paypal screen. Any ideas please?

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I’m having this exact issue, too. I’ve tried everything.

John, here is the solution I just received hours ago from GF support and it worked for me.
Please try the following using phpMyAdmin or any similar database management tool.

  1. Create a database backup before doing any changes.
  2. Go to the wp_options table and search using gravityformsaddon_gravityformsppcp_settings as option_name. Example: Annotation on 2024-04-04 at 12-05-11.png - Droplr
  3. Once results are shown delete the row: Screenshot VVb18mO425.png - Droplr
  4. Repeat the above but now using _transient_gf_ppcp_onboarding_step for the option_name. If there are no results for this search, don’t worry, it’s fine.
  5. Clear your browser cache and cookies and disable any browser extensions and built-in ad blockers that you may have enabled. Or just try a default clean installation for a different browser to completely discard browser related issues.

After following the above steps, access Forms > Settings > PayPal Checkout and try to connect the add-on again.

It may be possible to still see the browser err_too_many_redirects error for the first try to connect the add-on, just ignore it and try going to Forms > Settings > PayPal Checkout from the site menu (don’t use the browser reload button), it should show the add-on is now connected.

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