PayPal Checkout Add-On Not Working Correctly

Hey there,

I’ve seen several created topics with the issues regarding the PayPal Check Out Add-On. However, I haven’t found one with the problem, that I encounter. When I enable PayPal Checkout and Credit Card, neither checkout is possible but only the “Submit” Button remains. When I only allow the PayPal Check-Out, it works but only for PayPal, SEPA, Sofort, and GiroPay. I can actually see the Credit Card field working in the form, but not live. Seems to be a logic problem.

Does anybody occur the same problem? Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi. I had a similar problem. Developer Inspect Console was showing 400 errors related to the payment platforms Maxima and zimpler. If those aren’t in the url requesting the script from PayPal, there are no errors and the Submit button gets replaced by PayPal as it should.

I edited the file wp-content/plugins/gravityformsppcp/class-gf-ppcp.php to remove the enabling of Maxima and zimpler and the errors went away. (Understanding that an edited plugin file like this will likely get overwritten when the plugin is updated.)

I alerted GF to the issue on 8/14 and they confirmed:
“PayPal has made a breaking change at their end, which can prevent the PayPal field/buttons from rendering.” They said they were working with PayPal to resolve and would release an update to PayPal Checkout if needed.

I haven’t heard from GF support after that. There has not been an update to the plugin. Maybe they got PayPal to undo the “breaking change.” I would think more people would be complaining if it was still broken but I haven’t tested to see if my file edit is no longer needed.

Hi Eric. No new plugin version has been released yet and the issue still exists. We’re working with PayPal to determine the best way to support the change. At this time, you can use the gform_ppcp_enable_funding filter to reduce the number of funding sources (like this):

Filter documentation:

What is the difference between card and credit?

We only want people to use their credit cards (or debit cards)


Credit is where PayPal or their financing partner pay for the order, and then they capture payment from the customer at a later date. You can remove that line from the array if you would rather not offer that as a funding source.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for your reply.

If I reply to this email and insert screen shots will they come through for you?

I guess I’ll just try.

I am copying below my email to you an email I sent to PayPal support and which I copied to gravity support as well.

Some/most of this is a PayPal issue but they are useless and I am hoping that MAYBE you can shed some light on why this is happening.

We cannot reliably connect to PayPal through the GF settings.
When we were connected and in sandbox mode our form was working
I switched to LIVE mode and our form stopped working - I was told this was because PP had broken something, however my current understanding is GF pushed an update that fixed things.
Our form no longer works AT ALL.

I have no idea what is wrong but in the details below I am trying to first of all resolve the connection issue so I can test the form in the sandbox again (we are still connected in live mode)

But not connected in Sandbox Mode

Below is what I sent to PP to figure out why we can’t connect to their damn system!!!



// email to PP sent this morning Thailand time (FYI current time here is 15:31)

Hi Manasvi (or whomever receives this),

I am copying in as this issue concerns them also

We are having many issues with both PayPal and Gravity Forms

Some issues are PayPal only and I have already raised these with PayPal support but they are still not resolved.

  1. I can log into and switch from Sandbox to Live, but it will not remain in Live mode. You suggested using incognito mode to switch it and this seemed top work however, I have just logged into our account this morning and it has switched back to Sandbox mode.

  2. When using Gravity Forms we have to ‘Connect to PayPal’

When we click this a PayPal popup opens

We are having two issues here

  1. We are based in Thailand and Thailand is NOT an option in the Country Drop down.

If I click next with United States selected it will show me a form asking me to setup a PayPal business account

We already have an account - So I click the Log in link at the bottom of the form

I then enter our login details and despite having logged into our account dozens of times when I hit Log in I get this

I have checked multiple times that the info is the same as I use to log into our PayPal account; and of course it is correct but this form is not accepting our credentials.

Please note that sometimes it does work - we have been able to connect and test our form - just now it is not working

Let’s stop here and get this issue resolved please - then we can move onto the other issues (if they are not solved)

I CANNOT stress enough how serious this issue is for us.

We have invested a huge amount of time and money into putting on our event and we need to be able to accept credit card payments using Gravity Forms and PayPal.

Thank you,

Sean Clarke



PayPal tells me that this is a gravity forms issue

I cannot connect our paypal account to either sandbox or live.

Can someone PLEASE help us!!!


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