Paypal Checkout - Venmo button not appearing

We’re using version 2.5 of the Paypal Checkout add-on and 2.7.1 of Gravity Forms. On our donation form we have the Display Other Payment Buttons enabled (see image below) but the Venmo button never appears for our USA users (it does on our WooCommerce Checkout page).

I tried adding the following code to functions PHP but it didn’t help:
add_filter( ‘gform_ppcp_enable_funding’, function( $sources ) {
$sources[ ‘venmo’ ] = ‘Venmo’;
return $sources;

I’m not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot this. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Wyk. If you are using that filter already, there’s nothing more you can do to make that appear. I recommend contacting PayPal for assistance. They determine when to show the additional funding sources based on information they do not disclose to us. Let us know what you find out. Thank you.

Hi Chris. I decided it would be best to submit a ticket for this one.

Our donation form makes use of 4 Paypal Checkout Feeds, 1 Non-Subscription (Paypal Transaction Type = Products and Services) and 3 Subscription, that are conditionally selected based on a “Donation Type” radio-list field choice.

In digging deeper with Samuel of gravity support, we discovered that the Paypal URI wasn’t updating properly to reflect the non-subscription Paypal Checkout Feed, when it was selected, and instead reflected parameters that were signaling to Paypal that it was a subscription type. The result being no Venmo button appearing because the “vault” parameter was set to “true” and the “intent” parameter to “subscription” when they should have been “false” and “capture”.

Samuel has submitted the bug report to your developers - so hopefully it’ll get fixed for the next update if I’m lucky.

Thanks for the update Wyk. I’ll leave this open in the event you have more information to share.

Hi Chris, It’s appearing then not appearing. It is buggy!! Need it to appear. PayPal sees it sometimes, most people do not see it! Thanks! Fred

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