Paypal Checkout for *Donations* - how to fix it up?

I’m helping set up a (501c3 nonprofit) donation form, using Paypal Checkout.

Several aspects are not particularly clear.

  • Donation Product Type - In a subscription feed, is a donation Digital, Physical or Service?

  • UX - submit button - “Paypal credit” makes no sense for donations. I’d like to disable anything other than a simple “Donate” button (or at worst a “Paypal” button)… is there any way to do this? I see no hooks or configuration.

  • UX - Paypal Object label/description - There’s no option to hide these in the Paypal field. How can I hide the label (which also cannot be blank.) WHY: To allow both one time and monthly donations, Paypal only allows the “Paypal checkout” option, NOT “Credit card”. At that point there’s literally nothing for a user to see from the paypal field! Thus, I want to hide the label and description.

  • Providing Donation Purpose in the transaction: With the Paypal Standard plugin, there’s a known process (of hooking gform_paypal_query) to inject the intended donation purpose into the transaction’s “item name”. Does this or some other hook work with Paypal Checkout? I don’t see an equivalent hook in the Paypal Checkout documentation.

I have answered some of my own questions…

  • Product Type: setting to Digital appears to work correctly so far.
  • UX - submit button: A workaround “trick.” Subscriptions do not function for Paypal Credit, so that button disappears if you set the default purchase type to Subscription. If the user changes it to One-Time, the button remains off.
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Sadly, the second item workaround is NOT workable. I will write this up… :frowning:

Followup: It’s worse than I thought.

1) Having both Subscription and One-Time purchases in a Paypal Checkout form is BROKEN.

If I set the default purchase type to Subscription (using multiple feeds with conditions), but choose a feed with a non-subscription (Product and Service) transaction type – Gravity Forms still attempts to submit a subscription (gfppcp_create_subscription), which fails, of course.

(My guess: the form and PayPal buttons are set up at initialization time and never change.)

2) There’s no way in simple CSS to hide the Paypal Credit button, because it doesn’t exist until after the page loads.

QUESTION about a possible workaround:
Is there a way to modify the scripted JS that GF submits to paypal? Apparently a switch is available to disable the Paypal Credit button:


Hi Pete. I recommend opening a support ticket if you need assistance with this:

Or if you have suggestions for improving the add-on, I recommend adding that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.