How does the venmo button work [RESOLVED]

using the checkout addon, we have the PP and Venmo buttons - when the user chooses Venmo does the money amount actually go to PP but the money comes from the visitors venmo account? I was thinking the money was to go to the venmo account from the user’s venmo account, and now i think i was wrong about that. so the money ends up in the PP account no matter what?

Hi Eddie. No matter the source of the funds, when using the PayPal Checkout Add-On, the money is sent to the connected PayPal account. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

ok i think the original question i solved last week. I have a new problem though, on a phone does the Venmo Button supposed to show up ( it doesn’t).

I saw your support ticket, so we’ll leave that answer for there. Thanks Ed.